torsorest® mini flight bed

When restricted to a seat, for long periods, the torsorest® provides an all important alternative resting position,  with excellent posture and support.

  • More comfortable and therefore, more tolerable long journeys.
  • Less exposure to postural, joint, and muscle aches and pains.
  • Removes up to half your weight from your thighs and buttocks, improving circulation which may reduce exposure to foot and leg swelling and the risk of DVT.
  • Better Science behind the method of creating a comfortable, alternative resting position while confined to a seat.
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step one

Normal wheeled hand/cabin luggage

step two

Detach Torsorest® body balancer

step three

Stow bag

step four

Deploy front leg

step five

Deploy rear leg

step six

Adjust legs for comfort

step seven


step eight

Stow Torsorest®

Torszo product image

The torsorest®, 'mini flight bed' is a new health, wellness & comfort product, for the experienced traveler, which particularly addresses the problems of comfort and back-care while traveling.

Studies show that most passengers, whether they be traveling by car, rail, coach or plane, but particularly in medium/long-haul air travel, suffer from the ordeal of being confined in a seat for long periods. Studies also show that current comfort aids are inadequate or undesirable (many travelers cite pills and alcohol as their only resort), and the clear message is that travelers would welcome a working solution that provides comfort and improves health.

Enter the 'torsorest®' body balancing system which has been developed out of a scientific, and less cosmetic, approach to the problem.

The torsorest® body balancing solution provides a comfortable healthy environment for rest and sleep.

Try reading our 'Background' sections to get a feel for the history of a perennial problem for travelers (seating) brought to the fore in recent decades by mass travel over ever increasing distances but, nevertheless, largely ignored and 'put up with'. I hope TorsZo can change that.

Register your interest if you would like us to contact you about when and where the product will be available. Also, you could try our calculator to work out the average cost per flight of securing your health and comfort with the Torsorest®, 'mini flight bed'. Apart from satisfying your curiosity it will also enter you in our competition to win a free torsorest®, 'mini flight bed'. Good luck.